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Theodora Bergery


A memorial site for my mother the painter

holiday greetings


As of 1996 enough of my friends had email to warrant sending holiday cards as jpgs, a tradition I have tried to keep up...
fishbowl movie
A playful present for my wife Kim that uses Quicktime movies & music.
For some reason this is one of the most popular pages on the Chez Bergery site.

When I created my first web site in 1997, it was to help my friends explore the internet. My design goal was to be fast and simple, which at that time meant avoiding any images.
8 years later the site still gets traffic (I recorded 28 000 hits from 98 to 02).

The earliest archive of this site is February 1999.

All the archives of this site from

wedding invite



I sent this invitation to our wedding as a PICT file to a dozen friends (mostly on applelink). My friend Michael Naimark told me that it was "the first color email wedding invitation". He might be right.