Benjamin Bergery  

 Interactive Bed 1988
an interactive poly-linear video installation with bed, ceiling video projection, motion detection and 2 video laserdisc players

by Benjamin Bergery & John Thompson

You move on a bed to navigate poly-linear video and audio streams that evoke dreams of lost love.

ibed sketch

design notes

  1988 - Film Huis - The Hague, Holland   1988 - AFI Video Festival - Los Angeles, California, USA  
    Bergery and Thomson at work in LA in 1988
        Benjamin & John at work in 1988



Elastic Movies 1984
Interactive video installation for video monitor, computer, keypad and laserdisc player.

Arguably the first interactive art videodisc ever made.

Created during a class I taught at MIT entitled Workshop in Elastic Movie Time. The disc was funded by the MIT Council for the Arts and includes four experiments in interactive cinema:

Thirst (Luc Courchesne & Ellen Sebring)

Picture Piano (Benjamin Bergery & Karine Hrechdakian)

Dance Haiku (Bill Seaman & Peter Roose)

Marital Fracture (Rose Gerstein & Russ Sasnet)

 Picture Piano 1984
Interactive poly-linear video installation with keypad, video monitor, computer and video laserdisc player

by Benjamin Bergery, Karine Hrechdakian & John Thompson (version 2)

The life of a couple is evoked in a poly-linear movie with simple vignettes.

Each keyboard key is associated with a musical note and a short video shot, designed to intercut with the other shots.

By repeatedly pushing keys you create a series of notes and short shots... a poly-linear movie. You can also see what movies correspond to the words you may want to type.



  1984 - MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA   1992 - PRIM, Montreal, Canada