- On Broadway show

On Broadway is a pop-up show curated by Sarah Bostwick at The Property gallery in Los Angeles on December 12-14, 2014.The Property is located on Broadway, a central boulevard in downtown Los Angeles.


On Broadway is a presentation of projected, lit and amplified works housed in each of the storefronts of the 440 Broadway arcade mezzanine.

Viewers can expect an experience that falls somewhere in between after-hours museum browsing and window shopping, glimpsing each of the works through a glass wall with the option of entering each store-cum-gallery space for a closer look and listen.

The show featured 8 artists: Endia Beal, Jim Campbell, Clay Dean, Jasper Fung, Marcus Herse, Plastic Hand, Theresa Sterner and myself, Benjamin Bergery.

This web site showcases the 3 pieces I contributed to the show.


theproperty.gallery: On Broadway


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